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Sitemap.xml to Omnigraffle Visual Sitemap in, like, 12 seconds.

Making a visual sitemap/information architecture diagram for an existing site can be a pain, especially if the site is big and convoluted or you’re tight for time. I’ve done it with all kinds of different applications – Visio, HotGloo, Word, good ol’ pen and paper, and I’m currently rather enamoured with Omnigraffle because of its auto layout capabilities and fun stuff like that. But it still takes some measure of manual work to get everything connected where it should be.

Enter Fuzzy Math’s Omnigraffle Sitemap Generator. If you’ve got a sitemap.xml file for the site lying around somewhere, all you need to do is download and run the little script on your XML file and poof, you have a visual sitemap in Omnigraffle. It seriously takes about 12 seconds.

What’s the catch?

You have to have Omnigraffle, which means you have to have a Mac. If you’re serious about wireframing and prototyping, though, you’re probably already somewhere near this step.

You also have to have an XML version of your sitemap. Now, any designer/developer/webmaster worth their salt will have one of these already (because they’re making sure to help the search engines discover content on their site), but if for some strange reason you missed making one along the way, not to worry. Just google “XML sitemap generator” and you’ll be able to make one lickety-split.

Other than that, you’re off to the races.

Here’s an example of the quick visual sitemap that I whipped up for one of my clients:
Visual Sitemap for Travac Tours

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  1. Thanks for this Ian!

    I’ve managed to make an XML sitemap and to start up my account with Google webmaster account because of this post. Here’s hoping Google finds me soon!

    • You are welcome!

      Since you’re on WordPress, you could also use one of the sitemap-generating plugins. I use “Google XML Sitemaps” on here – whenever you add a new post or page, it automatically updates your sitemap and submits it to Google, Bing, and several other search engines. It’s very handy :0)

  2. Thanks for good stuff

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