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How to Use PPC Landing Pages for Higher Conversions and Lower Cost Per Click

How To Use PPC Landing Pages to Achieve Higher Conversions and a Lower Cost Per Click - Unbounce InfographicEighty percent of paid traffic goes to pages that make the potential customer say, “huh?”, and then promptly click the back button. Sounds like a good way to spend your advertising dollars, right?

Oli Gardner from Unbounce brings us this great infographic that shows you why you should not send paid clicks to untargeted pages like your homepage, product page, or registration page. These pages have poor message match, too many interaction points, and not enough information specific to what the potential customer was looking for.

Not only that, but all of those things can also contribute to a lower quality score for your PPC ad – Google uses the content behind the destination URL to help determine whether you’re sending traffic to pages that will help them with their search. And when you have a lower quality score, you pay more for each click. AND when you consider that those clicks are less likely to convert, you’re practically throwing money out the window.

There’s also a wicked blog post with the infographic that goes into more details about why your quality score is lower when you send traffic to your homepage, registration page, product page, or shopping cart page. Oli manages to work in a metaphor with a ninja and throwing stars – if nothing else, go read the post just for that.

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  1. Also ich glaube, das mir dieser Artikel in Zukunft sehr viel helfen kann. Ich bin immer sehr dankbar für solche Informationen. Vielen Dank.

    [Ian translates: "I think these articles can help me a lot in the future. I am always grateful for information like this. Thank you."]

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